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The process is simple – get in touch with us for a free case evaluation. Whether you have a contaminated land, or your property is in foreclosure process, or need a loan at low interest rate, or fix your credit score, or get a fair cash offer of your problem property, or any other issues. Our expert consultant will provide you with customized solutions that best fit your needs for FREE. Once you decide to work with us, we will do all the legal work, pay your fees and prime you with what you are going to expect along the process until you are satisfied with your solution.

We fix or buy all kinds of problem properties -- commercial, industrial, residential, land. 

Yes. We prepare and pay all legal fees. We negotiate best prices with investors, lenders or other parties for you depending on your situation to save you as much as possible. We earn a fixed amount commision from the potential buyer at no cost to you.

Yes. The more problem the better for us to help you. Please bear in mind that the property’s condition greatly affects its value. Get in touch with our team to discuss what sales options are the most appropriate for your property.

With over 30 years of experience, we fix all kinds of problems. You name it. Our experts are very creative on fixing property problems. Most common properties people face are pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, low credit score, partial construction, contaminated land, vacant shopping centers, short sales, permit problems, inherited properties, upside-down properties,  payments on properties with minimum equity, etc. 

For quickest response, call (310) 598-6063 or (213) 453-1736.

If you prefer to email us, here is the address 🙂 sales@propsolver.com. Make sure to describe your situation in detail so we can prepare your customized solutions and help you solve your problem ASAP.

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